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Among the number of role-playing games that have been launched on the gaming platform, a fantastic role-playing game that let you explore the high school days back has been launched named Royale High. The camllmehbob developed the game in April 2017. Till now, it has earned a lot of popularity amongst the gamers

The set up of the game is all placed in a high school to explore the wild fantasies and crazy things being in a high school. In the game, there are credits that you need to collect and manage. If you fail to manage the funds, then you will not be able to progress further in the game. But there is no need to fret as you always have the option of using the Royale High cheats. The cheats will grant you a generous amount of funds in your credit wallet.


The gameplay is straightforward as it is precisely similar to that of a high school. All the things one can do in high school, they can also perform here. The game features all the subject classes that are typical there is a high school such as the attending classes of arts, science, English and much more.

Rest the game also provides the customization facility to the players to embellish their character in the game, such as skirt, t-shirts, school dresses, and other accessories as well. Also there you will find footwear’s for yourself. One can dress up their characters by going to the dress up section. There are some of the designs that are already present there, but if you wish to generate other styles of clothes or hair colors, then you can do this by getting access to the robuxes. All these can be purchased from the in-game shop by spending the funds there. If you don’t have enough credits, then the Royale High hack can help you in the case by providing your sufficient amount of credits.


There’s an option of profile in the game which was added last year in 2018. Here in the section, you can add your favorite players, best friend, or your favorite food as well. The feature even endows the game with more realistic gameplay.


There is one credit in the games, which plays a vital role in the gameplay and is very important to collect as well. There are a few different colored diamonds that are having different values. Initially, in the game, you will be rewarded with 300 diamonds on getting promoted to each level. However, you can also participate in the royale balls where two winners will be given 500 diamonds.


The thing is recently introduced in the game but is now known as the Divinia Dream Fountain. Meanwhile playing the game, the players can plunge the diamonds in the fountain.  The dream fountain offers you with an opportunity to increase the number of your diamonds. Here the luck matters the most either your diamonds will get doubled, tripped up or even more or you’ll lose the diamonds you have thrown. The fountain gets cooled down in two hours after which you can use it again.

However, if your only wish is to increase your diamonds but without facing any risk then it is better to make the use of the Royale High cheats and catch hold of an unlimited amount of diamonds in the game.

Town wheel

It is an interactive piece of object in the game that gets refreshed in every 20 hours to use again. By spinning the wheel, the players can even win diamonds or the other pieces of stuff. The players get access to the wheel by clearing the level four in the game.

These are a few different aspects of the game that the players will experience during the gameplay. So, are you ready to explore the adventurous journey in the new virtual high school?